Our Sub 4 Santa total right now is $1,871.97
The Seniors made the largest donation and picked up the top spirit bowl points.
The Juniors donated the second most yesterday
and the Sophomores took 3rd in donations.
The spirit bowl standings are as follows.
Juniors still lead with 450 points
The Seniors are in 2nd with 400 points
and the sophomores are in 3rd with 380 points.
remember to donate today, the most generous class will get double spirit bowl points today!

Each year the funds raised for sub 4 Santa are used to not only help homeless students within our district and schools have a good Christmas, but they are used to also help them get basic needs met as well as helping some get to school. Each year the district buys blankets, clothing, bus passes and more to help these students in have the most normal experience they can have with the trials they are going through.
Please help us support our fellow students in need by donating to sub 4 Santa.
There are lots of ways you can support sub 4 Santa.

This weeks activities are:
Today there will be a bake sale during Parent Teachers Conferences
Tomorrow there will be a smash brothers tournament. Remember to resister with mr gunn today!
Wednesday there will be a Karaoke night in the auditorium, this is a great day activity for the dance!
Thursday we will have Davis night at boondocks. You need to buy your pass in advance in the D store to get the deal. they are 20 dollars for a 3 hour unlimited. they do not need to be used that day.
Friday is our pickle ball tournament. resister with mr gunn in room 1801 by Thursday.