Faculty Spotlight: Ross Harris

Ross Harris is one of the best vice principals ever! He is one of three at our school. He has been at three different schools, and his favorite by far is davis! He spent 8 years at Bountiful high school with wilkey also being a vice principal. Ross was also at clearfield high school for 5 years, and hes been at davis for 5 years also. All together hes been part of the facualty for 17 years and this is his 18th year.

When asking ross about any fun stories he has had over the years, he said:

“At clearfield high we had this one teacher who was not from america. She came over to teach chinese. and one time we got a call from her during lunch and she really needed us to come down. So we all went downstairs and she told us what happened, a student snuck into her class room and did something innapropriate. She was yelling and was saying,” Im a good teacher. I come to America. I buy car. I eat donuts. This doesnt happen in china.” It was so hard to not just laugh but you honestly just felt bad”.

Ross said the hardest part of his job is not being able to interact with the students as much as he would like to. The teachers get student interaction all day everyday and sometimes he can be at the school and yet not get any. His favorite days are when he can be with students and not have that many meetings.

He graduated with his bachelor degree from southern utah univerisy and then got his masters degree at utah state.

Everyone loves Ross Harris and we are so happy to have him here at davis high school!

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Farewell Davis High

Dear ol’ Davis High School,

I am now heading into one of my last weeks here as a student. My experience has been mostly good and has helped me discover who I am.

I remember coming to school on the first day of sophomore year. I was scared, timid, and felt judged for being who I wanted to be. Through the year I grew and met many people. I became less scared of the kids that were older than me. I started to realize that if I treat people as equal to me then they will respect me so much more. If you can do that, it will help build your confidence so much. It helped mine at least. I met people that will be my friends forever.

Junior year was a year of growth and fun. I felt like this was the best part of high school for me. I made relationships I know will last a lifetime. I spent weekends with my best friends. I remember doing things that were so simple, but I will remember forever. We spent a lot of time skiing, boating, watching movies, swimming and so many other things. I will forever cherish this time.

Senior year. This year I guess half of year for me haha, has been quite scary. I had to make decisions that will affect the rest of my life. I enjoyed the beginning of the year being able to cheer at the football games and be with friends but I just felt like I needed to be somewhere else. I didn’t feel happy and complete. I knew I had to do something about it, so I investigated graduating early. Everything I looked over or asked about completely fell into place. So, I decided to take a leap of faith.

I remember going up to Utah State University to go on a tour. I was so happy and excited and in awe. I felt like I needed to be there, and it was the place for me. On the way home my mom started crying and said “I don’t know how I am going to let you go, but I know you need to do this. I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time.” In this moment I knew I needed to do it. To have courage and realize, I am not making decisions for anyone but me. I don’t need to protect anyone or be there for anyone except myself during this time.

I encourage all of you reading this to take whatever leap of faith you feel will be important in your life. You only live this life once, so don’t take it for granted.

Sincerely, Megan Harris

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Frozen 2: Does Disney Finally Have a Decent Sequel?

It took exactly 5 years and 360 days since Disney’s Frozen to produce us with a sequel. It was the first sequel starring a Disney princess to get a theatrical release and made over 358 million dollars within the first 3 days of the release. After the original Frozen racked up a 90% tomato meter rating and producing the hit song “Let It Go”, nostalgic fans hoped for something similar.

Frozen 2 tells a tale of the familiar characters Anna, Elsa, Olaf the snowman, Christoph, and his reindeer Sphen. They journey to a mysterious enchanted forest where not everything seems normal. They set out to save the kingdom of Arendelle from peculiar events, and to discover the origin of Elsa’s powers.

Like unto its original, it is a heartwarming tale, with many parts that will make you both laugh and cry. Although it was filled with many songs and scenes that remind of the original, some say it is nowhere near the level of the 2013 Frozen.

“It’s pleasant to catch up with the characters, but mostly it’s just here to give kids more of that thing they liked six years ago.” says Nowtoronto.com.

Despite the fact that this movie may fall short of the first one, many people love it just as much as the original.
Frozen 2 is the rare sequel that surpasses the original. The scope is twice as staggering, the action twice as thrilling, the autocannibalism sequences twice as harrowing, the songs is twice as catchy.

Many of the songs Frozen 2 debuted showed signs of the first film. The song “Love is an open door” from the first Frozen compared with “Some things never change” brings a similar sound and meaning. Even though the songs may be close to the same as the original Frozen, they bring a great message. Anna (Kristen Bell) has a solo song called “The next right thing”. The song explains how even if all is lost the next thing to do is push forward and is very applicable moral to use in an everyday situation.

All in all, Frozen may not be as good as the original, but it is still a fun story with a great message.

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Grammy nominees revealed

The 62nd Grammy nominations were held 3 weeks ago on November 20th and you won’t believe the number of people who made it to the Grammy’s, which the Grammys include album of the year, songs of the year, best new artists, best rap album’s, best country album and record of the year and plenty more, there are more than 80 topics.

We may as well tell you this now because this truth does not hurt: Lizzo scored the most nominations for the 62nd Grammy Awards.

The Recording Academy unveiled 2020’s roster of nominees on Tuesday morning and Lizzo scored a leading eight nods in total, including ones for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year.

Wednesday was a very good day for new music artists including Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish. Billie got nominated album of the year, a record of the year, song of the year. Lil Nas got nominated album of the year, and got a record of the year and got into best new artists list and many more I will be mentioning.

Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X each received six nominations apiece, while Ariana Grande earned five.

The rappers who got the best rap album of the year would include of, “Championships” by Meek Mill, “I am > I was” by 21 Savage, “Igor” by the famous Tyler, The Creator, “The Lost Boy” by YBN Cordae and “Revenge Of The Dreamers III” by Dreamville, which a lot of people were surprised Kanye West did not make it to any of them.

“They want to know what I would do if I didn’t win… I guess we’ll never know.” – Kanye West

If you want to see more about the Grammys the music industry’s biggest night will air live on Jan. 26, 2020, from Los Angeles’ Staples Center. Alicia Keys returns as host.

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Ellison Scheuller sterling scholar

Ellison Scheuller has proven her academic skill this year with her usual 4.0, This year she applied to become a sterling scholar and to her surprise, she was chosen to go and compete come this January.

Ellison found out the news through a letter she received which came with a box of milk duds, she was ecstatic when she found out the news whether that be because of the milk duds or to go and compete we may never know. Ellison will go and compete sometime in January against a lot of other kids in science the category that she chose and excels in.

“I received a letter with milk duds… I love milk duds.” – Ellison Scheuller

A Sterling Scholar is a senior in high school who is publicly recognized and awarded for his or her excellence in scholarship, leadership and citizenship. A potential Sterling Scholar presents a portfolio on his or her work in a specific category and during the competition is interviewed by judges in the category’s field. Sterling Scholars are awarded at the high school, regional, and state levels. During the awards ceremony at the school and state level, the finalists are announced.

There are many categories to go and compete in such as math, science, computer science, business, etc. Ellison will go compete for the science category sometime in January she is very excited but also nervous to go compete, she will have to go and have an interview with the judge of that category, the judge will decide if she goes to the next round or not. she hopes to do the best she can to represent herself and Davis high.

Make sure to congratulate Ellison on this awesome achievement when you see her in the halls and wish her good luck when she goes to compete against many other highschoolers.

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Utah’s Secret Date Restaurants

With the upcoming Christmas dance on Saturday the 14th some people still need places to go have a romantic dinner with their date. If you are like most people you probably need ideas for a great dinner to have a great time. Hopefully, this article will help.

Make your dinner

Making your dinner can be very fun and will help with your image. Someone who knows that you can cook can make you look more responsible and even more fun to be around. If you are on a tight budget then this is probably your best option because it will cost you nothing but your time.

Olive Garden

“Olive Garden is the best restaurant for a dancing dinner, Mitchell the waiter is a god”

says Trevor Schwab

This location is a little pricey but the food is good and you get all you can eat salad with most meals.

Little taste of Britain

This restaurant has very good food it is, however, cheaper than more expensive options. The atmosphere in the restaurant will allow you to enjoy your night.


Teppanyaki is a Japanese steakhouse that is only for people with a fairly high budget. Along with amazing food you also get a show, the servers will cook the food on your table and entertain you. One downside is that you will always be put on a table with other people you don’t know so a group is the best option.

Sills cafe

Sills cafe is a retro-style cafe that has very good food. The atmosphere is extremely chill and very fun. When you walk in it will feel like an old 80s-90s movie.

All of these ideas are a good idea and no matter your budget its all about the fun. If you cant afford the expensive places don’t stress, the dance should be fun not stressful

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How to save money during Christmas season

During this holiday season there are some ways to save money to buy the gifts you want to buy for your loved ones.  Ways including coupons, sales, and maybe going to a thrift store. There are websites and apps that can help you save such as Groupon, Woot, Cool Savings, and ScoutMob. There are coupons on Groupon for places like amazon, Nordstrom, Home Depot, Best Buy American Eagle, Blue Apron, Kohls, Forever 21, and more. There are deals at the Layton Mall for some 50% off deals, and clearance sales on clothes and accessories at American Eagle.

“I buy really simple gifts that in bulk that can be given to lots of people. I also write lots of notes and do homemade things too. It isn’t hard to save if you just think about it. Plus, it’s the thought that counts. Cookies and brownies are really smart gifts too, especially for people who are really hard to shop for.”

said Charity Maynes, Senior.

Some good places to shop for your friends can be from walgreens, walmart, dollar tree, target, and more low dollar stores. These places are good places and you are sure to find something for a friend, significant other, or a relative.

“I buy simple, cheap items and customize them myself to make the items more personal and less store bought. This way you get a personalized, cheap gift for everyone. I believe it adds a special touch to those already thoughtful gifts.”-Talia Swindell, sophomore.

Even the smallest gifts can mean a lot to someone that would normally not have gifts at all. For the christmas season go ahead and shop at some of these places for your pals and no doubt it will make them grateful.

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One Man’s Trash That’s Another Man’s Come Up

Here at Davis High School there are so many students that it’s hard to find unique clothing that other students don’t already have. If you are looking for places to shop where you can find clothing that only you have, you have come to the right place. Thrift stores are the best place to go when it comes to creative clothing. There are so many thrift stores that aren’t that far away from Kaysville. The 3 most convenient are Savers, Goodwill, and the DI. All 3 of these thrift stores are right next to each other so you can stop by every one of them when you are doing your shopping.

Isaac Whipple a senior at Davis High, gave some great advice on thrifting, he said, “Don’t be afraid to be different. Thrift store’s are one of the only places you can find one of a kind clothing and make it your own.”

The things you find at a Thrift store can range from things that are trending like Dickies to things that you have never seen before. Whipple admits,”Wearing your swag you found that no one else has, is one of the best parts about thrifting. It’s the thrill of finding a nice item that you wouldn’t normally find.”

Thrifting isn’t only about finding new clothing, its about the experience. You can use both your imagination and creativity to create something you would never find in a regular retail store. Not only do you find this cool clothing, but you can find things like vinyls, paintings, and all sorts of collectible items.

So what are the perks of thrifting besides the clothing and the collectibles? The prices are amazing. You can find a T-shirt for $2 and  sweatshirt for $7. Another perk about thrifting is that there are thrift stores everywhere. Some of the best ones are found in Salt Lake City and Ogden. Believe it or not the best ones are Savers and Goodwill. Those are the stores that you will find the best product for the cheapest price.

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The 12 Dates of Christmas

It’s Christmas season and what better way to spend it than with that special someone! It’s time to get out for some fun this winter with some of these great winter season date ideas. Whether indoor or out, here are 12 cute date ideas that will get you cozied up with your boyfriend, girlfriend or even just a bunch of your friends!

Date #1: Go ice-skating! Ice-Skating might be one of the most cliché, yet beautifully picturesque dates that you need to do. You can spend the night holding hands and skating loops around the rink to “All I Want for Christmas is You” just like in the movies. It is also not that costly which is definitely a plus for all of us broke high school students out there.

Date #2: Hot chocolate and Christmas movies! Snuggle up under some blankets with of mug of hot chocolate, whipped cream, and marshmallows and tune in for a marathon of the best holiday movies like Elf, A Christmas Story and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Date #3: Decorate a gingerbread house! Go to the store and get all your favorite candies and show off your creative side through this cute and edible Christmas treat. You can get pre-made kits or if you are feeling even more ambitious, you can build your own from scratch.

Date #4: Volunteer at a local toy drive or soup kitchen! Christmas is not just about receiving, a big part is about giving and you can give back with this date idea. This Christmas season give the greatest gift of joy and help put some a smile on people’s faces.

Date #5: Go sledding, skiing or snowboarding! This is one of the more active and fun dates, you can go out and enjoy the fresh, sparkling snow. If you and your date both know how to ski or snowboard, you can go and do that too!

Date #6: Go walk around and look at the Christmas lights! You can go down to temple square, the zoo, or even just drive around with some food and look at lights around neighborhoods!

Date #7: Go thrift shopping for an ugly Christmas sweater! This date can be really fun and silly. You can even go and buy decorations and make your own ugly Christmas sweater if you want!

Date #8: Go window shopping! Window shopping can be fun walking through town under the lights and checking out little handcrafted items with your date. You can even get some Christmas shopping done while you’re out!

Date #9: Go to a local holiday play or show! The Nutcracker is a really popular one nowadays, but you can find a bunch of little holiday plays around if you look!

Date #10: Head to a basketball game! A little competitiveness never hurt anybody! Plus tickets are cheaper at the beginning of the season, so your wallet will thank you.

Date #11: Make some fireplace s’mores and jam out to some Christmas music! It may feel a little childish, but who can resist the temptation of half-scorched marshmallows and belting out some Christmas classics.

Date #12: Plan a game night! If the cold weather’s got you down, your spirit will never be too old to enjoy a smashing game of Uno or Phase 10.

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Parker Last Academic all State

Parker Last is a student here at Davis high school. Not only does he excel on the football field but also in the classroom. He is an outstanding student that has had a 4.0 his whole life. Parker is also a key player on our football team, he has been starting at center since he was a junior. Without Parker at center the whole line would fall apart. You have to be very intelligent to be a center because you have to see the blitz’s coming and call everything out to the other linemen.

Parkers favorite class at Davis high is u.s gov, his teacher for that is Bo Roundy. Parker likes the class a lot because of his teacher. When asked why he likes the class he said

” I love the way he teaches and how cool he is.”

Balancing school work and sports is a very hard thing to do because both take up so much time but Parker knows how to keep them balanced.

When asked how does it feel to be academic all state, he responded,

“It feels so good! My older brother was academic all state, so it means a lot to be following in his footsteps.”

Parker likes that he can follow in his brothers footsteps in this achievement because it is a good one to have.  The future is bright for Parker, and hes got a lot of good things going for him with his athletics and education.

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